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To the botters, alexa has finished rendering our old stat site useless. you will not be able to ping a link anymore.

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Its this, the thing is #skippy has calfs like a b-i-t-c-h. part 2.
This has become fundamentally clear and obvious to me now after recently taking the time to observe my immediate surroundings and having an aha moment. part 1.
#javascripts will load in parallel, at the moment the script loader is loading first blocking everything else, the new version will be considerably quicker. this version is 1.1.87 now.
The gdi #affiliate portal will allow people to join under you via your own affiliate link into your global domains international downline. a cookie will be set into the visitors browser from your affiliate link.
#posty is a sharing link that grabs the content from the url in the browser bar. its like the twitter share buttons that are used.
New things on the way, one of which is better auto links, gdi #affiliate portal, quicker loading of java scripts, lots of bug fixes, posty and lots of improvements to display.
Bit nippy init #nippy.
Out of all of the home deliveries for grocery shopping from the supermarkets sainsburys are generally better. sainsburys drivers have been the most efficient, timely and respectful, they probably should be paid more. #sainsburys.
Just imagine, millions of affiliates all wanting more, the thought alone is exciting. this could be what people have been waiting for. #twittercoin from twitter. twitter has always answered the all important question. whats in it for me.
Have seen snippets here and there about twitter coin being considered, what a good idea. that could take off #twitter #twittercoin.
Gmail is a free email service provided by google. as of 2019, it had 1.5 billion active users worldwide. a user typically accesses gmail in a web browser or the official mobile app. wiki #gmail.
We sent email for account registration and password reminders only. gmail is our preferred email client as delivery to others seems to be almost impossible, #gmail.
a widely circulated story holds that the word gadget was "invented" when gaget, gauthier and cie, the company behind the repouss construction of the statue of liberty (1886) #gadget wiki.
To the botters, alexa has finished rendering our old stat site useless. you will not be able to ping a link anymore.
if your site receives backlinks from quality websites relevant to your industry, it's likely sending strong signals to google that your site is viewed as an authority in your industry. #freebacklinks.
The backlinks report contains information about your sites backlink profile, including the aggregated count of referring pages, referring domains and anchor texts detected by bing. #freebacklinks > bing webmaster tools.
Twitter has apparently removed the nofollow tag in their source code, meaning that backlinks from twitter are now dofollow as standard. #freebacklinks ->
Google's algorithms are a complex system used to retrieve data from its search index and instantly deliver the best possible results for a query. #freebacklinks
Since the penguin update, the evolution of backlinks has changed. its no longer about building as many links as you can. you need to focus on getting quality backlinks. google #freebacklinks.
Google search is a search engine provided by google. handling more than 3.5 billion searches per day, it has a 92% share of the global search engine market. it is also the most-visited website in the world. #freebacklinks wiki.
Pagerank (pr) is an algorithm used by google search to rank web pages in their search engine results. it is named after both the term "web page" and co-founder larry page. pagerank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. #freebacklinks.
#freebacklinks pagerank works by counting the and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. the underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links. wiki.
Topical pagerank has been researched and implemented as well, which gives more weight to backlinks coming from the page of a same topic as a target page. some other words for backlink are incoming link, inbound link. from wiki. #freebacklinks.
A backlink is a reference comparable to a citation. the quantity, #freebacklinks quality, and relevance of backlinks for a web page are among the factors that search engines like google evaluate.
Link explorer is instrumental in our audits for prospective clients, and moz page authority and domain authority communicate link metrics and site strength in a clear fashion for our prospects. #freebacklinks.
The most powerful backlink checker ahrefs has the second most active web crawler after google, which means we have the best backlink database in the #freebacklinks.
Manage your account straight from your phone, its pretty much exactly the same as the desktop version. if I make a mistake on a post it can be quickly removed and quickly added again. #mobile.
#freebacklinks search engines see a link to your site as a recommendation. giving you a bit of leverage in getting a better position in a search result. you can submit links here free of charge google. com.
Free do follow unlimited back links #freebacklinks with relevant manageable custom pages for any niche you can think of.
There is a popular like wall where the most liked statuses get priority. get liked to get more #likes that bring more clicks to you and your profile.
This free advertising platform will allow you to add unlimited links, hashtags for search, optimised profile images, auto urls with easy submission and rude word filtering and much more besides #freeadvertising.
Urls are automatically found there is no need paste in any html just add wver .tld. statuses can be added or removed quickly and easily. #autourls.
You can add hashtags like twitter #twitter that will be added to searched pages. a search will only find statuses with a hashtag with in it.
Like twitter you have a follow wall, a like wall and status wall. follow get followed, like and get liked. #follow.
World population hits 8 billion according to un. bbc.
Breaking news, missile strikes hit key citys across the ukraine. bbc.
I discovered an amazing way to get unlimited free backlinks with little or no effort #freebacklinks.
Free view, can you repeat the same films over and over again and then have them play on different channels.
Today I start a journal about things like, tv, weather, whats happening now. current events, the news. stuff that is dull and acceptable.
Index stat #bling add some shiit, I has got they biitches, I has got they money and I has got they giant cocck and trainers.
Looky looky thinks about my helmet, dirty looky #dirty.
This is a another #another test looky fooky.
Looky looky looking or sumink #looky.
Develop wesite4.
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