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Barman: wait... thats what its called #adomainname just look it up. its very very easy to use. part 8.

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I wonder if the dragons den style interview I had in #america has anything to do with the life im living now? maybe, maybe not.
Barman: thankyou for #visiting anyway, your #custom is appreciated. be sure to come back again. part 10.
Horse: arse_hole. part 9.
Barman: wait... thats what its called #adomainname just look it up. its very very easy to use. part 8.
Horse: #real funny mr barman, you are give me the arse_hole. im gonna find somewhere else to get a drink. part 7.
Barman: I will just #check. yes, its definitely adomainname thats what it says here. part 6.
Horse; I know its a domain name im not stupid, but whats the #website address? part 5.
Barman: its a domain name. part 4.
Horse: ok, whats the address I can do it on me #phone init. part 3.
The #barman says, we only take orders online with delivery. things have changed since covid. part 2.
A #horse walks into a bar and asks the barman ill have half a larger and a packet of crisps please. part 1.
What to write? I dont know! wheres my pen or sumink init.
Frost is everywhere and has been snowing late last week. I cant remember a time when snow has fallen before #christmas.
My strawberrys at this time of year mid december go dormant. no new growth until spring. the existing leaves will keep the plant going throughout the winter. #strawberrys.
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