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Added 1 Week Ago
I could not believe it, today one of the kids who is louder than the others called me Bambi I was not even wearing shorts.

Added 1 Week Ago

Added 1 Week Ago
Good news, I have been able to get some maris pipers these are strong projectiles and some aloe Vera for the dog. I am excited today.

Added 2 Week’s Ago
The accumulation of consistent and persistent dedicated practice towards the thing you like to do without the want for a reward gives you this -> youtu.be/urc7bImO4S4.

Added 2 Week’s Ago

Added 3 Week’s Ago
youtube.com/watch?v=KwufrpEDF9M - #faithless - Tarantula (Official Video).

Added 3 Week’s Ago

Added 3 Week’s Ago
youtube.com/watch?v=-5tHiZACxbI - #theprodigy - Timebomb Zone (Official Video).

Added 3 Week’s Ago
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