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Light up the sky illuminate. Here come the dance we instigate... youtu.be/GAm48rkUBl4

Freedom is an illusion no matter what your status.

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Its this, the thing is #skippy has calfs like a b-i-t-c-h. part 2.

Added 2 Week’s Ago
This has become fundamentally clear and obvious to me now after recently taking the time to observe my immediate surroundings and having an aha moment. part 1.

Added 2 Week’s Ago
Are you bamboozled by gobbledegook? tired of these other websites that retire or drop off the map after you have put in #huge amounts of effort to find and submit your link.

Added 2 Week’s Ago
You want to just submit a link and have it permanently shown for years to com without any hassles or broken pages and endless 3rd party #advertising obscuring the buttons you need to press.

Added 2 Week’s Ago
I want a place where submission is easy with only one form to fill in as text only without any html where there is nothing #technical that I need to understand or learn.

Added 2 Week’s Ago
I just want to do it quickly and move on to the next thing where ever that may be as passing on link #juice for seo purposes is the whole reason for it all.

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Seo is the process used to #optimize a websites technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable. a consequence of this is better positioning.

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