Select The Right Relationship: Alexandra Redcay At TEDxUpperEastSide

  • Length: 17:46
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  • Author: TEDx Talks

Are you ready to talk about relationships? Alexandra Redcay is the executive director to Serise, Inc. She can be found at Alexandra has over 1...

❤ 5 Signs Relationships Aren't For You

  • Length: 3:40
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 38766 people
  • View Count:1303957
  • Author: SWooZie

Just because you want a relationship doesn't mean you're ready to be in one. We all like to 'think' we're ready for a relationship butttt here are some quick...

Guys Vs. Girls: Relationships

  • Length: 7:2
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  • View Count:5334414
  • Author: Nigahiga

So this video was originally a rant I was gonna do a while ago, but I decided to turn it into a skit instead. I know this one's a little different, but hope ...

Healthy Relationships - What You MUST Know To Sustain A Great Relationship

  • Length: 21:0
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 483 people
  • View Count:33466
  • Author: Actualized.Org

Healthy Relationships - The keys to establishing a healthy relationship that will last forever. Exclusive Content and Free Newsletter + Bonuses Here: http://...


  • Length: 5:2
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 1919 people
  • View Count:29494
  • Author: JustLikeThat

Nikki did WHAT to Tyler?! This week we played TRUTH OR DARE Youtube edition....and a lot of secrets were revealed. Last Video: SCHEDULE: ...

Relationships That Will Never Work

How to know if you're in a relationship that will never work or that can never be saved, because the person you're involved with is incapable of having a hea...

THE LEXI SHOW: Dating & Relationships Part I

  • Length: 28:36
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 490 people
  • View Count:29917
  • Author: Lexitelevision

Lexi interviews Chris "Doc" Reid, Christian author and relationship counselor, and Chris McNeal. A candid discussion about men, women, and the games that are...


  • Length: 10:0
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 1621 people
  • View Count:164054
  • Author: Moojiji

With Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, French and Romanian subtitles. Spontaneous Talks with Mooji at Monte Sahaja, 25 December 2011. Would you like to help make Mo...

Relationships - Making Better Decisions

  • Length: 5:14
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 3478 people
  • View Count:114715
  • Author: TheMingThing

Every relationship will have some decisions to be made. Here's some advice from us to you. || Special thanks to, Make Better De...

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