Trick Art, Drawing 3D Crocodile

  • Length: 3:8
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 28134 people
  • View Count:5344987
  • Author: VamosART

Anamorphic Illusion. Drawing a crocodile. Time lapse. How to draw a crocodile. Magic realism. Trick art on paper. How to draw a realistic crocodile. Visual i...


  • Length: 6:41
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 6295 people
  • View Count:233462
  • Author: DazzleDIY

See the 1st Doodle Art video! ***LATEST VIDEOS YOU NEED TO SEE!!!! DIY ROOM DECOR DIY TIE ...

Pros And Cons: Being A Art Model

After University of Oregon had to cancel one of their modeling classes due to lewd phone calls, Jimmy weighs the good and bad of stripping down for art's sake. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight...

Most Amazing Photos Of Art, Nature, Illusions & More

  • Length: 3:13
  • Rating Average:3.5 from 13072 people
  • View Count:19217648
  • Author: Digi Nebula

Check out some of the Most Amazing Optical Illusions, Art & Nature pictures collected of the internet. Truly mind-blowing compilation of optical illusions, street art, paintings, drawings,...

Practicing Latte Art

  • Length: 4:38
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 169 people
  • View Count:5855
  • Author: ChefSteps

Learn latte art. Lovely, lovely latte art. Get the technique: At ChefSteps, we don't tell you how to cook, we show you—with recipes designed to inspire and educate,...

AWESOME Times Square Street Art!!!

  • Length: 8:49
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 4718 people
  • View Count:666235
  • Author: Dan Weecks

Spray paint art is an art form using spray paint, traditionally on poster-board. It differs from graffiti art in that graffiti is performed on buildings, tra...

Monochrome Lined Nail Art

  • Length: 3:28
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 5651 people
  • View Count:46947
  • Author: Cutepolish

Today's nail art design was inspired by a Tod's fall fashion photo that I saw in FLARE magazine. I've created FIVE different nail art designs by just using a black striper! These nail art designs...

Let's Preview #7: Art Of Balance

  • Length: 23:15
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 1088 people
  • View Count:11751
  • Author: Domtendo

Let's Preview #7: Art of Balance ▻ Meinen K abonnieren: ▻ Facebook Fanpage: ▻ 2. K, Previews & Bonus ▻ ALLE Projekte:...

THE HISTORY OF ART NOUVEAU - Painting/Drawing/Artist (Doentary)

  • Length: 56:22
  • Rating Average:4.5 from 567 people
  • View Count:87208
  • Author: LifeAndDiscovery

the history of art nouveau (doentary). thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning education national nature geographic e...

Artist Creates INVISIBLE 'Art' And Collectors Are Paying Millions

  • Length: 6:54
  • Rating Average:2 from 329 people
  • View Count:133076
  • Author: Art Fido.Com

Want to see more like this? Follow us on 27-year-old artist Lana Newstrom says she is the first artist in the world to create invisible "art." In this doentary...

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